Miller Center History: Landmark Saved From Development

A local civic pioneer recounts the story of how a local landmark was saved from development

It’s the place where many of us will be voting (hopefully for Bob). Many of you have probably been there for an NPA meeting, parent-child playtime, yoga, a game of pickle or basketball or maybe even a party. Before it was the Miller Center, it was “The Armory”. For those who don’t know the history of The Miller Center, Kathy Olwell gives a little perspective on how the Miller Center came to be and Bob Hooper’s work in making that happen.

Kathy Olwell“My name is Kathy Olwell and I opened and ran the New North End Youth Center for 23 years in the former Armory/Miller Center on Gosse CT. I have known Bob Hooper for many of those years. In 2001 after the attack of 9/11 in NY, the Youth Center was asked to leave the Armory for security reasons.To make a long story short, 6 months after closing the Armory to our youth, with no alternative place to go, Bob Hooper called me to see if he could help. As the head of the State Workers Union he knew many in Montpellier and was willing to see what he could do. Bob talked to state officials and legislators, we brought our youth to the Statehouse to testify and within weeks we were allowed back into the Armory.

So if you want someone who knows how to get things done, who cares about kids and safe places for them to be after school and someone who gets results, then I hope you will vote for Bob Hooper for State Representative.”

Kathy Olwell