Organizations supporting Bob Hooper for Chittenden 6-1 State Representative

Our neighbors and friends are supporting Bob Hooper for State Representative.

Bernie Sanders - U.S. Senator representing Vermont
“Bob Hooper and Carol Ode will do a great job representing Chittenden 6-1. We need leaders in Montpelier that will pass a livable wage, protect the environment, and fight for working families. I am glad to support Bob and Carol.”

— Bernie Sanders, United States Senator

Pat Leahy - U.S. Senator representing Vermont
“Bob Hooper will bring a positive and pragmatic approach to Montpelier”

— Pat Leahy, United States Senator

Peter Welch - U.S. Congressman representing Vermont
“Bob has been a strong voice for working Vermonters, affordable health care, and protecting the environment. He continues to advocate for fair funding of our schools, to provide the opportunity for all children to receive the best education possible. Bob has a proven record of working to provide equal treatment and protections for all Vermonters.”

— Peter Welch, United States Congressman

Beth Pearce - Treasurer, State of Vermont
“I am proud to support Bob Hooper’s candidacy for State Representative. I have served with Bob on a number of retirement, pension and investment committees. He is a thoughtful and forward thinking individual who cares about the issues important to working Vermonters. He gets results. He will be a great State Representative.”

— Beth Pearce, Treasurer for the State of Vermont

Burlington City Councilor, Ali Dieng
“Bob is an amazing leader with so many great qualities. I was fortune to spend time door-knocking with him in the NNE. I was impressed by his honesty and the clarity of his message as to why he stepped up to serve us as our representative. Bob represents the new kind of leadership we need as he listens attentively, he cares and will collaborate across party lines to bring the change that makes a difference in the lives of children and families in Burlington and Vermont.”

— Ali Dieng, Burlington City Councilor

Phillip Baruth - State Senator for Chittenden County
“What I like about Bob Hooper is that he’s spent his life helping working people stay afloat in an economy that too often works to drag them down. He’s made a difference that way. And he’s energetic and clear about what he wants to get done at the state level. Being a Representative is a tough job; the hours are long, and the odds of success are longer. But I trust Bob to accomplish what he sets out to do for the New North End. I hope he’ll be one of our voices in Montpelier for a long time to come.”

— Senator Phillip Baruth

Pat Leahy - U.S. Senator representing Vermont
“I am excited to support Bob Hooper for Chittenden 6.1 district for Vermont House. He is in support of Treasurer Pierce’s plan to clean up our water ways, believes in economic equality, universal health care and building a Vermont that works for all of us. Bob brings with him a strong history as former President of the Vermont State Employee’s Association and experience in Human Services. With the attacks on unions coming from Washington, representation such as his will help us protect our unions here in Vermont. I look forward to working with him as a state legislator to make a stronger Vermont”

— Brenda Siegel, former Vermont Governor Candidate

Mark Larson - Former Vermont State Representative
“Bob is a tireless champion for children and working Vermonters. He understands the pressures working families face and will make sure our voices are heard in Montpelier.”

— Mark Larson, former NNE Representative

Dave Bellini - VSEA President
”For more than a decade, Bob Hooper fought tooth and nail to support working families as the president of our union. That’s the kind of leadership that we need more of in Montpelier right now. The people of the New North End couldn’t ask for a better advocate.”

— Dave Bellini, Current VSEA President

Kevin McLaughlin - Chittenden County Sheriff
“I would like to make a public endorsement of Bob Hooper.  I have known him for many years and he is a Democrat’s Democrat.”

— Kevin McLaughlin-Chittenden County Sheriff

Russ Ellis - Former Burlington City Councilor
“Bob has a track record of dedication and service to us and to our community. He knows his way around government agencies in Montpelier and he has served us on committees and boards in Burlington. He is ready to serve as our state legislator from the first day that the General Assembly meets next January. I am voting for Bob because he is ready to represent us effectively.”

— Russ Ellis, former City Counselor