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Gov announces 200,000 Vermonters have at least one shot onboard. Yippee!

But yet non permanent residents who interact in and with our communities every day, yes those dang college kids who pump millions into our communities, are told to fend for themselves? Turning UVM into a Petri dish is so much worse than ignoring the jails for so long. These kids are mobile spreading machines. Really?
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Snippet of an answer to a constituent retirement system unfounded liability question discussion:

In humans, short term or immediate gratification usually wins out unfortunately. Real leadership sometimes means taking the bullet for making the hard decisions contrary to popular trends. Dean funded childcare and such, so valid social good, but not funding the retirement systems was like borrowing at a huge rate of interest. Other options, ANY other option could have been better. The municipal system was always funded as recommended and is healthy today. Those mistakes in underfunding haunt us today.

However when you have a credit card bill that is eating your household budget and your Uncle Sam comes over with a cash gift for Christmas, paying the largest most expensive bill off may be the better decision. Our state economy is kicking it now and we maybe should have put more of that extra money into eradication of that debt ? Big future paybacks. Lots of needs but not all of them are capable of being so voraciously hungry over time!
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Advocating for the needs of working Vermonters and protecting those most vulnerable for over 30 years.

Hooper Family

A History of Service for Vermont

Bob Hooper has a long and varied career of service for the people of Vermont. As a member of the Vermont Veterans Home Board of Trustees and a former member of the Veterans Advisory Council, Bob has helped countless veterans get the assistance they need and deserve.

His involvement and experience with pension and retirement assets for the State of Vermont gives him an advantage over many incumbent representatives.

Hooper is a solid, hard working Democrat. He represents working class Vermonters As the President Emeritus of the Vermont State Employees’ Association, he fought for fair wages and affordable healthcare.

Bob is ready to work for you-full time!

Vote for Hooper!!