Neighbors,I want to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for your decision to return your Great North End team to the State House for another term. I personally remain humbled by the gracious comments I received from people as they passed through the gauntlet outside our two polling places within the district-Thank You all for your support. I have to say whatever you find I am doing right, I hope to continue to do so. As always, I appreciate your feedback and suggestions on where we should chart the course of our beautiful state and active community. Please don't hesitate to contact me with your suggestions and evaluation of my actions. I will continue to keep you informed by these FPF posts and regular attendance at our Neighborhood Planning Assembly meetings.I also want to thank voters city wide, but especially out here in the Northend, for supporting two important projects-The recycling center and of course the High School project. I feel we may have outgrown our reputation as the "just say no" end of town, but did and DO appreciate the thoughtful and direct conversations about both projects. I pledge to check under all the cushions in the state house couches for extra money to direct to the school project. I know with all the changes we have embraced-especially the reassessment of property values, this is going to make things hard for some in our community. As both a regional tech center sponsor and one of the most diverse and largest school systems in the state, I feel state dollars should be helping out. Vermonters are all in this together for the benefit of our children and I doubt we will be the only system with this forever chemical problem.In the next few weeks I will be putting my legislative "ideas" package together and will be happy to share that with you. I would be overjoyed if you would share YOUR ideas on legislative initiatives with me for consideration. We may not agree, but my promise is to give your thoughts full consideration and discussion. Again, my thanks for your faith in my judgement and action. Please lend a ... See MoreSee Less
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Advocating for the needs of working Vermonters and protecting those most vulnerable for over 30 years.

Hooper Family

A History of Service for Vermont

Bob Hooper has a long and varied career of service for the people of Vermont. As a member of the Vermont Veterans Home Board of Trustees and a former member of the Veterans Advisory Council, Bob has helped countless veterans get the assistance they need and deserve.

His involvement and experience with pension and retirement assets for the State of Vermont gives him an advantage over many incumbent representatives.

Hooper is a solid, hard working Democrat. He represents working class Vermonters As the President Emeritus of the Vermont State Employees’ Association, he fought for fair wages and affordable healthcare.

Bob is ready to work for you-full time!

Vote for Hooper!!