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I have come into possession of ten or so Biden/Harris yard signs.... available tomorrow in my front yard for you to drive past and pick up. Let me know of your interest in the comments below. First come first pick up?? ... See MoreSee Less

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Please know that your support and vote are appreciated.

In these times when we would normally be knocking on your door, or reaching out in more personal ways than A ZOOM, all of us are searching for better ways to keep in touch and hear your concerns. As always, feel free to drop a question or comment on the Facebook or web page or give a call on the phone if you need something or just want to discuss the issues we are facing.

AND try to avoid the PlagueFatigue that will set in as the weather gets colder and the holidays approach. Keep your guard up and the virus at bay. Each of us has a role to play.

Thank you again for the opportunity to represent you.
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In Vermont we have lots of people we look up to. Some make history in terms of promoting marriage equality and equal rights, some tackle the serious environmental concerns we face, some speak for those who have little and against those who have too much, others speak to the core of America, our government and our face in the world. While some stand and appreciate the color and grandeur of our Vermont mountains, other individuals adopt the ultimate quest-to climb those mountains and shout from the top so that others may gain from their experience and devotion. One in Vermont does it all, tirelessly, unceasingly.

Tonight I am proud to be informed that my insignificant efforts as a fledgling legislator have earned once again the endorsement of my Senator-the guy you run into at the self service gas pump and in the express line at the grocery store. The person who lives down the street and is THE champion of the American dream, making sure it is held sacred for all of us, not just the few.

Thank you Bernie for what you do, and what you have done. I deeply appreciate the recognition. ONWARD.
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Advocating for the needs of working Vermonters and protecting those most vulnerable for over 30 years.

Hooper Family

A History of Service for Vermont

Bob Hooper has a long and varied career of service for the people of Vermont. As a member of the Vermont Veterans Home Board of Trustees and a former member of the Veterans Advisory Council, Bob has helped countless veterans get the assistance they need and deserve.

His involvement and experience with pension and retirement assets for the State of Vermont gives him an advantage over many incumbent representatives.

Hooper is a solid, hard working Democrat. He represents working class Vermonters As the President Emeritus of the Vermont State Employees’ Association, he fought for fair wages and affordable healthcare.

Bob is ready to work for you-full time!

Vote for Hooper!!