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Bob has lived in the New North End, in both Wards 4 and 7, for over 30 years. He has committed his entire life to public service beginning with a tour of duty in the Army in 1971, where he became a radio operator in the signal corps, like his father in WWII. Shortly after discharge, Bob worked his way through college at Penn State University where in 1979, he earned a B.A. in Individual and Family Studies with an emphasis in Counseling.

Following graduation, Bob joined the private sector in a construction company that focused on the then novel concept of designing and constructing solar homes. This experience developed Bob’s interest in alternative energy, an issue he remains committed to today. He also experienced first-hand the challenges of operating a small business as a long haul moving van driver. These experiences were the genesis of his commitment to helping small businesses succeed.


Bob Hooper and Bernie SandersBob moved to Brattleboro, VT in the early 80‘s and quickly began to work with the Vermont Department of Employment and Training, which eventually led to a 27 year career of public service to Vermonters. During his career, he evaluated Vermonters applications for social security disability, which exposed him to in-depth issues with our healthcare service systems. His most fulfilling experience was at the Department for Children and Families, working with Vermont’s battered, abused, neglected and delinquent children as a Social Worker and Probation Officer where he committed 24 years of service.

While in state service, Bob developed an interest in the pressures placed upon working families. He actively sought to educate himself on emerging issues, such as the cost of healthcare and retirement for working Vermonters, as well as the crisis that existed surrounding the availability of quality childcare around the state. Bob worked closely with Lt Governor Racine, as VSEA PRESIDENT to help to open childcare centers that were affordable for working Vermonters around the state.

Because of Bob’s in-depth knowledge of the state healthcare plan, retirement system and state government as a whole, Bob has been sought by the state’s governors, treasurers and members of the legislature to sit on commissions and committees that examine state policies and procedures that impact the state’s workforce and retirement systems. Bob has testified to the Legislature on many issues impacting Vermonters.

His passion to help working families like his own also led him to eventually become the President of the Vermont State Employees’ Association, an organization representing over 6,000 working Vermonters. As the longest serving President in the organization’s history, he served on several boards and advocated for working people. During this time Bob became the only labor leader to successfully move his organization to the point of endorsing the movement for the first step toward marriage equality, by testifying in favor of landmark CIVIL UNION legislation in Vermont. Bob has a strong belief that equality must be applied to all, universally and without exception.

His service includes sitting as a trustee on the Vermont State Employees’ Retirement Board and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee, a committee charged with investing $4+ billion dollars of state funds so that state employees, teachers, and municipal employees can retire with dignity; as well as many boards and committees.


In our local community Bob has been elected twice to the Board of Burlington School Commissioners from Ward 7, is a  Past Co-Chair of the local Ward 4/7 NPA, Vice Chair of the Burlington City Retirement Board for over a decade, and is the past Chair and current treasurer of the Chittenden County Democratic Committee, as well as a past member of the Democratic State and Executive Committees. Bob co-hosts a monthly television program on Channel 17 that focuses on state government. He was chosen by the state Democratic Party as a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte N.C.

Bob’s hobbies include rebuilding automobiles, photography, hitting a golf ball  (but never counting how many times), discussing politics and policy with friends, travel, sudoko, floating on our lovely Lake Champlain with Kathleen and Beau, and all things Disney.

Bob WILL introduce a “Fresh Voice” and experienced perspective for the benefit of residents of the New North End and all Vermonters–and would appreciate your VOTE in the Primary and in the general election

Thank You for your support!!!!

Government and Community Service

Bob Hooper and Joe Biden

  • Member VERMONT VETERANS HOME Board of Trustees-appointed by Gov Scott. Chair of the VVH Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Member of the Governors Veterans Advisory Council-Gov Shumlin
  • Member of the Burlington City Retirement Board of Trustees
  • Member of the Vermont Pension Investment Committee
  • Member, Green Mountain Secure Retirement Board-appointed by Treasurer Beth Pearce
  • Former Member of the Democratic State Executive Committee
  • Delegate to the Democratic National Convention 2012
  • Past Chair-current Treasurer, Chittenden County Democratic Committee
  • Elected to two terms Burlington School Board
  • Member, Blue Ribbon Commission on the Workforce-Gov Dean
  • President Emeritus-Vermont State Employees Association elected five times statewide
  • Registered Advocate for working peoples issues
  • Career Social Worker and Probation officer with State of Vermont
  • Veteran of the US Army
  • Former Ward 4/7 NPA CoChair