The Issues

My Legislative Priorities

Economic development that promotes high paying jobs

Quick Snip:  Building houses alone does not constitute Economic Development. Economic development HAS to have a component involving GOOD PAYING JOBS.

Ensuring our tax dollars are wisely spent

Quick Snip:  We pay taxes to get something DONE.  We should strive to get it done in an efficient manner, but one that serves the long range goals of Vermont’s citizens and the state’s economic health.

Fair taxation

Quick Snip:  The ratio of Income and Property taxation can be adjusted to reflect a fair and more equitable system- to better fund our infrastructure of Roads, Bridges, Schools, and public resources.

Affordable health insurance and care

Quick Snip:  We took a first swipe at trying to get the profit gougers out of our health care payment system.  It failed.  We should revisit that initiative.

Maintaining local control of our schools

Quick Snip:   The state should set standards for the education of our children, but the implementation and application of those expectations should be facilitated with as much local control as practicable.

Working constructively to enact positive progressive legislation

Quick Snip:  We must not be afraid to step outside the box when looking for innovative legislative avenues to solve our problems.  That may include starting over, rather than trying to salvage something that is not working.

Our lakes and waters are valuable resources

Quick Snip:  We must adequately fund efforts to gain control of incidental and chronic pollution sources attacking our lakes and waters.  The plan authored by Treasurer Pearce provides a foundation but we should do more.  Another issue is the toxic addiction we have to single use plastic items such as retail store bags and single use water bottles.  Alternatives are available.  Let’s get them in use every day!!  And for those of us who STILL want the convenience of plastic, a small contribution to lake cleanup would be greatly appreciated.