Bob Hooper is the New Chair of the City of Burlington Employees Retirement System

Robert Hooper was elected to the position of Board Chair. He replaces Jim Strouse who held the position for decades. Robert is a resident of Ward 4 and has served on the board since July of 2003 and has been vice chair since 2012. The Burlington system has weathered some ups and downs but is now on track to stability with the assistance of a good investment strategy and employee participation.

Hooper, a candidate for State Representative from the New North End, also serves as a Trustee on the Vermont Pension Investment Committee, which manages the $4.5 Billion account for the state , education and municipal employees. Robert was recently appointed by Treasurer Beth Pearce to the Board of the newly created Green Mountain Secure Retirement Board, which makes low cost retirement investment programs available to private employers and self employed Vermonters.

“I have had a long standing interest in providing a mechanism for working people to have a rewarding retirement. Green Mountain Secure Retirement will make it possible for many more Vermonters who work and save diligently to have a secure retirement” said Hooper. I appreciate the positions held by Treasurer Pearce with regard to the overall economic benefit provided to the community by well funded retirement plans,which help to provide financial security to the retiree population.” A properly administered Defined Benefit plan is a win-win for the employee and the community.”

Burlington Retirement Board

The Retirement Board Members serve as trustees of the funds of the Retirement System. They set investment goals and guidelines and review the performance of the money managers. They also set policy and oversee the general administration of the System.

Bob Hooper has lived in the New North End, in both Wards 4 and 7, for over 30 years. He has committed his entire life to public service beginning with a tour of duty in the Army in 1971. Since 1980’s has served our state at Vermont Department of Employment and Training, Department for Children and Families, has in-depth of knowldege in issues with our healthcare service systems, Vermont’s battered, abused, neglected and delinquent children as a Social Worker and Probation Officer.

His history of public service includes sitting as a trustee on the Vermont State Employees’ Retirement Board and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee, a committee charged with investing $4+ billion dollars of state funds (so that state employees, teachers, and municipal employees can retire with dignity;) as well as many boards and committees. Because of Bob’s in-depth knowledge of the state healthcare plan, retirement system and state government as a whole, Bob has been sought by the state’s governors, treasurers and members of the legislature to sit on commissions and committees that examine state policies and procedures that impact the state’s workforce and retirement systems. Bob has testified to the Legislature on many issues impacting Vermonters.